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The Almodóvarlandia Film(Movie)studios

Here you will get Information on

the latest Movie of Pedro Almodóvar, that is currently being shot in the Film(Movie)studios:

Quite soon (strictly speaking tomorrow, June 11, 2001) Almodóvar will start shooting a new movie.

Hable con ella
(Talk to her)


Shooting will start in Paris where the first and the last sequences of the movie will be shot. In the Théâtre de la Ville Almodóvar will shoot the latest choreographies of the german choreographer Pina Bausch called ğMasurka FogoĞ. This theatre is the place where the four protagonists of the movie meet each other.

The movie will tell two lovestories. One about a male nurse (Javier Cámara) with the woman (Leonor Watling) - a ballerina who is in a coma - which he nurses. The other story is about a female bullfighter (Rosario Flores) and an argentinian journalist (Dario Grandinetti). Both stories cross each other and as Almodóvar prefers, humour and tragedy, laughing and crying will walk hand in hand.

Furthermore Chus Lampreave, Loles León, Geraldine Chaplin, Fele Martínez, Paz Vega, Roberto Álvarez and probably Marisa Paredes will appear in the movie.

Maybe after this movie Almodóvar will shoot another movie.

The bad Education
(La Mala Educación)


The movie has already been in Preproduction but Almodóvar has not found yet an actor for one of the main male characters. In this movie Almodóvar will go back to College, back to a Catholic Boys School in the Sixties. Back to the system of education in a Spain governed by General Franco. It will analyse the influence of their education in the later life of the boys. The full history consists of three periods. A part of the story will take place in the eighties in the so called Movida in Madrid (Spain). Three male actors will be the leading roles of the story.

Some rumors came up that Eduardo Noriega and Javier Bardem will be in this movie. Penélope Cruz and Angela Molina might play their mothers.

Shooting will take place in Andalusia, Extremadura and the Levant.

All about my Mother
(Todo sobre mi Madre)

Shooting started on Monday, September 21, 1998.
El rodaje empezó el Lunes, el 21 de Septiembre de 1998.
Die Dreharbeiten begannen am Montag, den 21. September 1998.


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